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14.09.20 HBD BQT! 


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Emotionless volleyball boys
Akaashi Keiji - Fukurodani team
Kozume Kenma - Nekoma team
Tsukishima Kei - Karasuno team


Correct reactions to Oikawa's spike getting blocked by Dateko



So some quick opinions from myself regarding each of the boys during the Arashi concert:

Jun was the most excited and happy to be there. He was totally in his “prince” element and was working the crowd like a well oiled engine. His smile is a lot cuter in person too. Jun feels so much more sweet and approachable this concert than any other concert I’ve watched him on DVD on lol

Nino was the most miserable there. Not to say he didn’t have a good time but it was obvious to me Nino hates the heat like a cat hates baths and he kept looking up at the sky as if asking for a breeze, some shade, any kind of reprieve and I caught him tugging at his clothes a couple times. Also he seemed a bit exhausted from the heat to begin with. Most fan service done was between Juntoshi and Sakuraiba, and there was only one Ohmiya moment I saw (Nino pressed his back up to Ohno’s front and spread his arms wide like he was Rose and Ohno was Jack from the Titanic)— it was almost like all the members knew that an uncomfortable, hot Nino is not to be touched. LOL. Also we all know how feminine his dancing is but seeing it in person— what a seductive brat! Total gratuitous hip-shaking like the rent was due tomorrow or he’s getting evicted. Not that I’m complaining. Now it may seem like I’m paying particular attention to Nino here but can you expect any different, considering he’s usually my staple favorite? lol

Aiba is RIDICULOUSLY, and I mean ridiculously good looking. Like all the boys look better in real life, if not a little bit pale (seems like the camera tans them haha!), but Aiba is an archetype hero stepped out of a shoujo manga he is that pretty. The camera does him NO justice, sweat looks like too much on Aiba when on camera but in person it’s like he just stepped out a steaming shower and jeez Aiba as if you weren’t good looking enough please give you fangirls an opportunity to breathe. I don’t even know how it even happens but I guess it’s true when they talk about “HD faces.” Jeez Aiba was so pretty I can’t even say how, but it’s like he has this glow that dulls exponentially on screen.

Sho is the closest to Arashi that we know on screen in all aspects (rapper, MC, reporter, variety show host, Arashi member, etc) as he is in real life. He holds the crowd easily and I don’t know what else to say about Sho except he was EVERYTHING I expected him to be and I couldn’t be more happy with that considering how high my expectations were.

Ohno is the one who is there for the fans. Now obviously they’re *all* there for the fans, but Ohno performs *so* differently from the others it was all I could pay attention to when I watched him. The other boys perform for an audience, but Ohno seems to perform for one person at any given time. He points at a fan and lets you know it’s *you* not the person behind you, but YOU that he is looking at and thanking for being there. He reads signs and does the services requested, laughs along and then looks for people he might have missed who may consider him his favorite. When he’s singing it seems half hearted even though it sounds great, but that’s because he’s always looking beyond the crowd and at specific people, and the song is muscle memory but every fan there is someone he loves and appreciates and he wants to be there for *you.* I don’t think I’ve ever seen any performer quite like Ohno. =)

I read that Nino might have lower back injury, that maybe made him look miserable and not to add the heat.

Hehe at Aiba’s description. This really make me wanna see Aiba in real!

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Oikawa Tooru, Haikyuu!! 126

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and his bartender hair too <33 when he got blonde or brown he looks playful but when his hair is black he looks sexier and more mature unghhghhghhgh gosh~ 2.28am in my place and I can’t stop talking about aiba’s glorious black hair, pathetic me

His bartender hair were, yeah, glorious <3 
HE DOES. messy black hair tho UGH <3 
*laughs* it’s 21:30 here, I’m at work and I’m doing the same. Same boat, ahaha. 


did you know? i’m in love with miyuki

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Ah YES PLEASE! sth like 2010-ish monster era was sddfgjdkdkdlfk it was pr0n ヽ(;▽;)ノidk blackhair!aiba is my weakness <3

I LOVE THAT HAIR. I miss his kinda-permed-longish hair. Also, the Hatenai Sora era SOB. 



u kno ur in deep when u love listening to them talk and u get attached to their voice


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I mean… I have no complaints if I have to rip it off of him. That’s even better. And then, I want to— I’m going to shush now.

It’s a bonus. You have the sweater and the half naked Aiba.